Registration setup

Registrations will always be associated to a specific event within the race. Therefore the sequence to open registrations is:


  1. Create an event: on the race page to the left side menu click to create a new event. Fill in the following fields:
    Name: name of the event, it will be shown on the registation confirmation email. 
    Description: merely informative for internal use.
    Date: date of the event, it will be shown in the registration confirmation email.
    Starting time: time the event will start, it will be shown in the confirmation email. 
    Distance: total distance of the event.
    Type of race: select between the avaiable options.


  1. Set up registrations: select the different options on the registration form:
    Allow registrations: selecting whether or not to allow participants to register.
    Date registrations open and close: from the date you want to allow registrations until the date registrations close. 
    Default price: Applies to any field where a price is not specified. 
    Maximum number of permitted participants. 
    Minimum and maximum ages. The default allows all ages. 
    Information fields: phone number, location, emergency, etc. 
    Minimum and maximum registations per gender/sex: you can limit how many of each gender/sex can register. 

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