Sportmaniacs merchandise product sales

Did you know you can sell merch for your race during the participant registration process?

To do so, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Enter the Sportmaniacs dashboard
  • Go to the race and event that you want to sell merchandise
  • Go to the attributes section and create a new attribute.

  • Add the attribute name, which is not visible to registrees it simply serves as a placeholder for your own purposes. 
  • Mandatory selection: Click if you want it to be a mandatory field in the registration process. Tip: You can make it mandatory and one of the options can be "I don't want to buy".
  • Visible or not. It is possible you want to hide it after a certain amount of time.  
  • Description: Visible text to participants, for example "Would you like to buy the official race hoodie?"
  • More information: you can add a brief description of the product. For example, XXXX exclusive offer on the official race hoodie designed by Salomon for the occasion. Choose your size.
  • Link for more information: you can add a link or image that takes you to a relevant website for example, size chart.
  • Select the product field type. There are different types of attributes (text, yes/no, numeric, options and product). Below we will select the product for sale.

  • Select the type of price you want, there are two to choose from:
    • You can give all products the same price
    • Different prices for each option. For example, if in the same attribute we have grouped different products for merchandising (a scarf, socks, hat), each can have a distinct price.  
  • We add all the avaiable options 
    • If your products have a limited stock, you can limit how many units can be sold. For example, if I only have 10 units of size XS I will put 10 in the limit section.

    •  In addition to being able to limit the quantity, we will have to set a price for each of the products if you have selected distinct prices.

    • Click on show proof of purchase: If you want their purchase to appear in the race registration confirmation. 
    • Finally you can add an image of the merchanise, the dimensions should be 500x500. .

The result should look something like this: 

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