Setup a video streaming point

Physical setup of the video point

Find the perfect location for your video using the following tips.

  • Set the camera up at head height.
  • Set the camera,  where possible, adjacent to the runners as the pass the timing point. It’s not recommended to have the runners running towards the camera even if it’s possible to do.
  • Set the camera at a distance from the recording point that will capture the viewing field  of the runners passing the timing point. The following measurements will help you:
    • For a 4 meter timing point, set the camera side-on, at least 4.5 meters from the line.
    • For an 8 meter timing point, set the camera side-on, at least 9 meters from the line.
  • The camera should not have a light source directly facing it. If so, the runners will appear against the light and will be silhouetted. If you are recording a long race, bear in mind the trajectory of the sun for the later stages of the race..
  • Try to protect the laptop from direct sunlight to avoid overheating which will affect its performance.
  • Try to protect the space around the camera both physically and visually: Make sure the public or the runners aren’t able to bump into the camera or cover up the viewing field.
💡 These are only recommendations and best practices. When you set the camera up, check that everything is set up according to the needs of your recording.


Setup of the video point


Installation and setup of OBS

  1. Download and install OBS. You can follow this link to the download page
  2. Once installed, open the “Settings” menu at the bottom right corner of the OBS screen.

  3. In the “Output Options” change the video bitrate to 1200.

  4. Select the following options in the “Video” section:
    1. Base Resolution (canvas): 1280×720
    2. Output Resolution (scale): 852×480
    3. Scale filter: bicubic (fine scaling, 16 samples)
    4. Common FPS values: 24NTSC
💡 The configuration selected on this screen directly influences data consumption (Internet upload) and therefore the minimum hardware required for correct operation. For more information see your particular case.


Connecting the webcam to OBS

  1. Connect your WebCam to the PC.
  2. Click “+” in the “sources” section and select “Video capture Device”.

  3. In the pop-up window, select “Create new”, and enter a name (eg. Web Cam) and click “accept”.

  4. In the pop-up window, using the “Device” drop-down, you will now be able to select the corresponding webcam and configure its parameters. Click “OK”.

  5. Adjust the camera’s image output to the black background using the red edges.
  6. Click “Start Transmission”.

If everything has gone to plan, after a few seconds the rest of the checkboxes of your timingpoint will be checked automatically.


Running the software

  1. Login with your Copérnico Video user.

  2. Select your raceEjecución del software de vídeo - Paso 2

  3. Select the timing point.

  4. If you wish to broadcast live video to YouTube you must enter the direct ingest identifiers that you have already obtained during the YouTube setup. The result should look similar to the following example.

    💡 If you have your live videos pre-configured, these keys will appear automatically.

  5. Click “Start”. A URL and a relay key will appear on the screen and the first status box of the video will be checked automatically.

  6. Open OBS, go to “setup/broadcast”, and fill in the following information:
    • Broadcast type: “Customize Relay Server”
    • URL: “Rtmp://localhost:1935/live” (this will always be the same)
    • Retransmission key: The key obtained in the previous step, in our example “maraton-sevilla/Meta” (this is case sensitive, also check for spaces and hyphens).
  7. Click “Ok” to save the setup.
At the start of the race, click on "Start Transmission". You will see a green box appear at the bottom right. This means that everything is correct.


Go back to the Copérnico Video window and you will see that the checkboxes “Receiving video” and “Broadcasting onDemand” have been checked. Under the checkboxes you can see how long you have been transmitting video and the processing speed.


❗❗ If the processing speed drops below 1.00x it means that you are not transmitting in real time.If this happens you should modify the initial configuration of OBS. Reduce the Bitrate, the FPS and the resolution.
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