Download and install Copérnico Video

Copérnico Video is the software that allows you to broadcast live video and generate the video replays instantly without the need for realization. Copérnico Video is a customer exclusive program. To install it you must contact us via We will provide you with a file that you will have to run on your PC to install the software automatically. You must also have a valid Copérnico license.

  1. Download Copérnico Video using the link we have sent you by email.
  2. Unzip the file and open the folder. In this folder you will see a folder called “video-Copernico”. This must be moved to your C: Drive.
  3. Connect your PC to the Internet.
  4. Launch the program “C:/Video-Copernico/Win64/video-Copernico. exe”.
  5. Launch the program you have installed on your PC to access Copérnico Video.

  6. Fill in the fields with:
    • ID company: you can check it in the Copérnico login or in the Copérnico’s welcome email.
    • Copérnico username: the email you use to access in your Copérnico account.
    • Password: you chosen it when you created your Copérnico account.

  7. Click  “Sign in”.


💡 Do you already have Copérnico Video installed? This program isn’t the only one you’ll need to broadcast video on Live. Carry on reading.
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