How to record a video with copérnico video

ūüí° Recording a video does not mean broadcasting it on the app. You can record videos and either not broadcast them, or not be able to broadcast them at the same time as the race due to a bad internet connection or lack of it. Once the videos are recorded you can broadcast them whenever you want by rewinding them in cop√©rnico video, which we explain how to do in this article.


To record video in Copérnico video you must have the following:

Laptop computer. Use a medium-high power one. Test it before the race by broadcasting for several hours.

Webcam. The model you choose must allow you to record in H.264 video compression standard and support a minimum quality of HD720p.

USB extender cable (5-10 meters). You will use it to connect the webcam.

Tripod. To place and position the webcam. Choose one with long legs that allows you to place the webcam at the height of your head.

OBS. Video capture software. It is in charge of capturing the webcam image and sending it to copérnico Video. You can download it through this link.

Copérnico Video. Software that allows you to broadcast live video in the App and generates video replays instantly. Receive the video from OBS.


ūüí° A good practice is to place a sign near the camera indicating to viewers that there is a video point there. This will prevent them from standing in front of the camera and blocking the image.

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