Testing the hardware

Before starting a stream with Live, it’s important that you carry out a test with the camera and the laptop. Your internet connection could be using a wifi connection. Don’t use the same video that you will be using in the race: Instead create a specific one for the test.

  • Setup a test stream on your YouTube channel.
  • Record at least two hours of video checking that the processing speed of the video does not drop below 1.
  • When you finish the test, delete the video so that it does not appear in the list of your Youtube channel.

The laptop you will use to stream the video should be dedicated to streaming Copérnico Video alone.

  • Try to use a laptop without anti-virus software. If your laptop has anti-virus installed, deactivate it.
  • Close any programs you have open, except OBS y Copérnico Vídeo.
  • Cover the laptop to keep it protected from direct sunlight which can cause overheating and reduce the performance of the stream.
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