Create the pace of a race in Google Earth

To create the path and then transfer it to Sportmaniacs or Live in a KML format you need to path the route in Google Earth, you can download it from this link.
  1. Locate the exact starting point of your race on the map.
  2. Click on “My Places” in the left side menu and then click on the “Add a route” icon in the top menu.

  3. Name the event. In “Style, colour” choose the colour and thickness of the line of the stroke. Choose a color and thickness that is comfortable to see. This won’t be what it will look like in Sportmaniacs or Live.

  4. Select how you want to visualize your route: miles, kilometers, inches … Move to one side the popup window so you do not bother and you can draw the route easily.

  5. Click on the map at the exact point of the start and draw the route by clicking. In the pop-up window that is open you can check the length of the route you are drawing. To move around the map use the arrows on your keyboard and to zoom in and out use the scroll of your mouse. If you make a mistake in a point of the plot, click on it and press the delete key. Repeat this action as many times as you need. You can also drag the wrong points and adjust them to the track.

  6. Once you have the path drawn with its exact distance, center the pop-up window again and click “OK”.

In the left side menu you can see how the route has been generated. Now you can export it.

  1. Right-click on the route and select “Save place as…”.

  2. Name the file and click “Save”.
❗❗The length of the path in Google Earth must be the same as your race, otherwise the finish line will not appear in Sportmaniacs or Live when the route is loaded.

In order to speed up the loading of the map in the applications you can reduce the KML file size cleaning the number of points on the map generated in Google Earth. You can use the web tool GPS Visualizer to achieve this.


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