Athletes Geolocation

The geolocation allows an athletes position to be followed.  It is necessary that the participant is registered to the race Live APP, and carries the phone with them with the geolocation activated in order for their position to be followed.


You can activate athletes geolocation in the plugins menu under the Live option. 


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This can be carried out in one or multiple events within a race and at the time that you choose. 


This service will be charged on a per-use basis. 


Apart from activating geolocation, each time a user accesses the APP, a message will appear asking if they are a spectator or a runner. 


If they click on runner, they have to validate their tag number, ID card number (driver license, etc.) and in which event they are participating. Once validated, they can share their GPS.  


It is vital that they athlete activates their GPS in order for them to be followed by spectators in the APP. 

  • Enable app background activity
  • Permission to use location

Geolocation positions the participant at the point in the race closest to his/her GPS coordinates. This means that at no time will it position the participant outside the race course.  


If for any reason a participant who activates GPS positioning leaves the course, the ball that marks the athlete's position will not move around the map of the city/region. It will remain on the race course.


In copérnico you have to follow these steps to activate geolocation

  1. Enter the «Live» section on the left hand side.
  2. Open the event that you want to activate geolocation. 
  3. Click the box «Geolocation». 
  4. Click on save. 

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In the participants menu in copérnico you can consult the GPS position of the athletes that have activated their location, following the option “location” and clicking right on any of the athletes in the list. 


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In the window on the right, you can consult the coordinate of an athletes last position accompanied by a map showing their last geolocation. 


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