Activating geolocation for athletes

You can activate the geolocation of athletes in Live for any of your events whenever you want.


Activate GPS geolocation

  1. Access the “Live” section from the left side menu.
  2. Open the event for which you want to activate geolocation.
  3. Check the “Geolocation” box.
  4. Click on Save

From that moment, every time a user accesses the app, a message will appear asking if he is a spectator or a runner. When clicking on runner, they will have to validate the bib, ID and event in which they participate. Once validated, they can share their GPS.


💡If you have not yet uploaded the participants and activated the GPS, when the user chooses the option “Runner” a message will be displayed that will say that the list is not yet available. When the list is available the app will ask the user to identify himself as a runner.
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