Activate time prediction

By activating this option, Copérnico will use the predictive algorithm. Its operation is simple, although you should note the following:

  1. It does not make sense to activate it for an event with only “start” and “finish” points because the accuracy is very low with only two splits. It is more accurate from three intermediate locations onwards, and the more intermediate points the better for accuracy.
  2. The slopes of the course affect it quite a lot, so in trail events it is difficult to be accurate
  3. It is very important to complete the data properly and to be as accurate as possible, as this will be used for the calculations.
  4. Data from previous editions of the same event and same course can help you a lot to complete the correct data.

To activate the time prediction:

  1. Accede a la sección «Live» a partir del menú lateral izquierdo.
  2. Haz clic sobre el evento para el cual quieres activar la localización predictiva.
  3. Haz clic sobre el check “¿Se va a mostrar la predicción de tiempos?”. Al hacerlo aparecen nuevos campos que es necesario completar.

Estimated starting time of the last runner: if you have no idea how long it will take, you can use this rule of thumb as a guide; in an 8-metre arc about 1000 runners per minute.


Predictive: You must complete all the steps between legs. Note that you complete the minimum time of the leg, i.e. how long it will take the fastest person to complete that particular leg. In the example you see there are 2 legs: one from the “Start” split to the “5K” spit, and one from the “5K” to the “Finish” split:

Para estos cuatro tramos hemos configurado los mismos tiempos porque la distancia entre ellos es la misma: 1 Km. Así, se ha configurado el tiempo del atleta más rápido (2 min 50 seg) y el tiempo del atleta más lento (8 min). Se han tenido en cuenta unos ritmos de 2:50 min/km para el más rápido y 8 min/km el más lento.


This example was easy because we only had two sections and they were both the same distance.


Standard running paces are usually between 3 min/km and 9 min/km.These paces can change in trail events. Hence the importance of data from previous years.

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