Data visualization in bib delivery (plugin kiosk)

How To Use The Kiosk Plugin

For many events that are timed throughout the year, it is necessary to have a system that displays the participant’s data and verify that they are correct. 

Data including name, surname, event in which they compete, category and club, are used for verification.

For this purpose, we have developed a new module which we call “kiosk”. 

Putting it to use is simple:

  1. Go to the plugins section.


  1. Select the Kiosk module.



  1. On the right side of the screen you have a small preview and the URLs that you will use on race day

  • Kiosk ➡ you have to type Kiosk in the browser to display the data.
  • Preview ➡ preview how the data will be displayed.
  • Ingest ➡ this is the URL you have to put in TSConnector to send the data.


  1. On the left side you find the setup options.


  • A - Select the property that will allow differentiation of the participants (by default it shows the participant ID).
  • B - Select the buffer size (by default, size 9). It is recommended that it be the same number as the number of visible registered participants.
  • C - Select the number of registered participants to be displayed on the screen (default 9), although this will depend on the size of the screen being used.
  • D - Select whether or not to show duplicates. That is, whether or not you prefer a participant who passes through the antennas more than once to be displayed.

In the participant details section, select the data you want to display (property). The most popular details include:

  • Bib number
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Full Name
  • Category.
  • Club.
  • Team.
  • Team Type.


  1. You can change the font size and color.
  2. You can preview the image and save it.


The recommendation is that you preview the data in another browser, and adjust the displayed data with the browser zoom. Once you have adjusted it, count how many registered participants are displayed and change the number in “Visible Registered Participants”.


La recomendación es que hagas un preview de los datos en otro navegador, y ajustes con el zoom del navegador los datos que se muestran. Una vez lo hayas ajustado, cuenta cuántos registros se visualizan y cambia su número en “Registros visibles”.


On the day of the bib delivery:

  1. Open TSConnector.
  2. Create a random point in TSConnector, you can call it “fair” or opt for any other name.


  1. Connect the box to the timing point (location) you have created.


  1. Connect to copérnico.


  1. Paste the ingest URL and click accept.


  1. Export to copérnico.


  1. Open a browser, copy and paste the Kiosk URL and verify that everything works correctly.

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