Connecting the Classic Loop Box to Internet

❗❗ The wifi network provided by the device when in access point mode does not provide internet. If you have connected to this wifi you do not expect to have an internet connection. You have only connected to the device’s wifi in order to configure it.

There are two ways to connect the Classic Loop Box to the internet: via ethernet cable or wifi connection.


Connecting the device via ethernet cable

The Classic Loop Box device has a built-in network card that is configured with a dynamic IP. If you connect the Classic Loop Box to a router via an ethernet cable the device will be connected to the internet. The connection icon will change from grey to black when connected.

To check the status of the connection via cable, click on the icon when it is connected and the IP provided by the router will be displayed at the bottom.



Connecting the device via wifi

  1. Click in the top right corner on the wifi icon.

  2. Click on the “Wi-Fi” tab, select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to and enter the password. When the Classic Loop Box connects to the network, the LED on the device that was flashing before will now remain steady.
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