Turning the Classic Loop Box on and off

Turning on

To turn on the device, press the power button: the button will light up blue and start to boot. After about 30 seconds the device will be on.

When first turned on, the device has no known Wi-Fi network in range, so it will connect in access point mode, and broadcast its own network with the device name as SSID (e.g. Classic Loop Box_001001). The LED light on the box will flash slowly. This indicates that you can search for the Wi-Fi network created by the device and connect to it via a cell phone or PC.

You can force the access point mode by pressing the power button again.


Connecting with Classic Loop Box

To set up the Classic Loop Box you need a smartphone or a computer as it does not have a display. There are three ways to connect to the Classic Loop Box:

Connection in access point mode:

  1. Connect to the wifi network issued by the device.
  2. Enter the network password: timingsense_chipactivo.
  3. Open the Chrome browser on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  4. Type the address: chipactivo.com
  5. Enter the pin code: 123456
We recommend that you take advantage of the first time you turn on the device to configure the wifi network of your work or home.

Connection by network cable: in this case, the PC and the device must be on the same network. The device, by default, is configured with a dynamic IP, so you can connect to it by direct cable between the PC and the device. However, to connect to the device it is essential to know the IP of the device within the local network, i.e. you need to find the IP of the device through TSConnector.:

  1. Connect the device using a cable to your PC.
  2. Open TSConnector.
  3. Click on the device icon.

  4. Copy the IP assigned to the Classic Loop Box in the network.

  5. Paste this IP in the Chrome browser.
  6. Log in with the pin code 123456

Connection via wifi: (in this case the PC and the device must also be on the same network). In other words, you should have already connected to the device for the first time and added a wifi network to make the connection. The steps to follow are similar to the wired connection:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. If the device is connected to a known wifi network, the led on the button will not flash but will remain with a steady blue led light.
  3. Open TSConnector.
  4. Click on the device icon..
  5. Copy the IP assigned to the Classic Loop Box in the local network.
  6. Paste this IP in a Chrome browser window.
  7. Enter the pin code: 123456

In any of the three ways, once you have entered the pin, you will access the device’s control panel.


❗❗ The TSConnector application is only available to timingsense customers. To install it you must contact us at clientes@timingsense.com. We will provide you with a file that you will need to run on your PC to install the application automatically.
💡 If you can use a network cable to connect to the device the first time, you do not need to connect it as an access point.


Shut down

There are three ways to turn off the device:

  • Manually switch off: press and hold the power button for 3 to 7 seconds.
  • Shut down from the browser: click on the main menu of the control panel and select “Shut down”. This switch-off mode can only be done if you are connected to the device by another device as explained in this other article.

  • Forced shutdown: This can be performed by pressing and holding the physical power button for at least 10 seconds until the LED light turns off.

When the device is switched off, it will beep three times.

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