Multiple waves

An event can have various waves to facilitate the start of the event when there is a large quantity of participants. 


For this, the different waves can be set up in copérnico with the time set by the organization. 


To create one or more waves select Race, from the left side menu, and within the event select Waves.



You can create as many as you need. However, you must take into account the type of event you are going to time, and use the appropriate tools. For example, in a time trial event, you can utilize wave offset.


A wave is assigned to a participant when you import participant data. If the event has only one wave, it will not be necessary to include a "wave" column in the import file. On the other hand, if the event has multiple waves, you must add an "wave" column in which each participant will be assigned the name corresponding to their wave, for example, Wave 1, Wave 2, etc.


If the wave name in the import file is not the same as in copérnico, you can associate them in an intermediate step during import.





If we do not assign a wave to a participant, copérnico will warn us during import in the "Race validation" section. If we do not assign a wave, the athlete will not generate times or positions during the race. 




Likewise keep in mind that for a race with multiple waves, a wave will not be assigned to a participant automatically if you create a new athlete.


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