Loading a file with raw times

You can upload raw times from any timingsense device to copérnico. 

Copérnico accepts all types of files that can be retrieved from timingsense devices, as well as files generated when rewinding the TSConnector.

In the following articles you can find how to retrieve files:

In all cases, readings will be received in either a compressed format or a direct csv with the reads from a session. 

If the file is compressed, first you have to remove the compression in order to work directly with the csv file.

Once you have the csv file, the reads can be uploaded directly into copérnico under the raw’s menu. 

  1. Click on the icon «Raws Importer in the «Raws» menu in copérnico.
  2. Drag or select the file from the USB (formatted as a .csv).Carga_de_un_fichero_con_tiempos_brutos_1_EN.png

  3. In this tool, the configuration varies if you are trying to import a file in reference to a timing point location. For example a TSPortable should have a location associated in orer to work, but this is not the case for the TSOne.  
  4. If the file had an associated location, copernico will only ask you about the device from which you have retrieved the readings as shown in the following image.
  5. If the file does not have an associated location you should select the location in which you want to import reads.Carga_de_un_fichero_con_tiempos_brutos_2_EN.png

  6. Click on the button «Upload».


Once completed, the reads should be processed as ususal.


❗❗Copérnico does not allow the insertion of raw times other than from timingsense devices.

If you use another timing system, you will have to use the intermediate program to connect and rewind the devices from which you want to extract the information.

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