Interval results

An interval is the distance between two splits. Interval results is calculation of times between two splits of a race. An example of this type of interval results would be a time trial ranking.

Interval ranking may come very useful for example in a triathlon, where you want to reward the best racer in each of the stage intervals: swim, cycling or run.

In our example we want to have results of the athlete who shows the least time between 10K and 15K. In order to extract a raking between two specific splits, you need to set up the interval between them.

To create an interval click on “Race Setup” and then in the “Intervals” section you should point the start (10K) and the end (15k) of the interval you want to extract results from.

Once the interval is created, Copernico will use the passage time of 21K and subtract the passage time at 17K. This way it will obtain the time it took for racers to cover this interval, as well as all the possible results of this interval, general classification, rankings by by gender, by categories and by teams.

All this information can be used in presets, documents and trophies for this interval results.

If you do not want a complete results document for this interval, it is best to create a trophy for it. In “Race Settings” look for the “Trophies” section, introduce a name for the trophy (it can be the same as the interval name) and select the interval you are going to create the trophy for. You should do it in the drop-down box of “Applicable Split”. An example would be an interval that we called “Buff Interval”. In our example we want to get trophies in this interval by gender: the first 3 male and the first 3 female.

Once an interval and trophies are created, they will be available for display both in the app and in any of the documents where you associated trophies for.

By means of presets and documents you can create more complex documents where you include more information. For example, you can create a preset for interval ranking and for the total time of  the race.


Copernico does not consider whether athletes completed the race when they appear in interval results. For instance, in a trophy race with climbing up to a mountain pass, Copernico updates data as runners go around the mountain pass, so you will know who did the interval in the shortest time before participants reach the finish line. But if an athlete who completed intervals in the shortest time without reaching the finish line, and whos status is not manually changed “abandoned”, will continue to have the best time on this interval. It can be solved by changing the status of those athletes who are certainly not racing from “running” to “abandoned” before the awards ceremony. If all the participants have already reached the finish line, we can end the event, since one of the operations carried out is the change of status of all the participants from “running” to “finished”.

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