Using tags for documents

Tags are a quick and easy method of classifying content. They can be thought of as keywords or tags that can be attached to a resource or any other content so that searches can find that content and related content.

Tags can be added to any document created in Copérnico and will help you to quickly search and manage documents using the tag name. When you search by tag, for example, “male”, Copérnico will show you all the documents containing this tag. Some examples of use:

  • Tag with the race name so that you can retrieve the documents of that race from one edition to another. For example, “CM” is Carrera de la Mujer.

    Uso de etiquetas

  • Tag to group by document type. For example, “categories” or “results” to group all documents containing classifications or categories.

    Uso de etiquetas

  • Tag for grouping teams.

    Uso de etiquetas


💡When timing use the tags to search for documents and mark them as favourites for use during the race.
💡Searches can only be made with one tag.
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