Getting rankings by category

To get a classification by category you must first create a preset in the “Participants” section. Set up the columns you want to show You have two options.

  • Classification for a single category. Use the filter at the column header to choose the category from which you want to obtain a classification.
  • Classification for all categories. In the “Group by” drop-down, in the bottom bar, choose the “Category” option.
💡Do you want more information on how to create presets from “Participants”? Continue reading here.
Once the preset has been created, you must create a report in the “Report” section.
💡When creating a new report you can copy the header or footer of another report.
  1. In the report editor screen, choose in the upper drop-down the event for which you want to create the report.

  2. To add the classification choose the item “Single person report”, in the menu of elements of the right side, and drag it to the document.

  3. Click on the element and go to the configuration section of the right side menu.

  4. Choose a preset from the drop-down. If the participant list is long it may take a few seconds to load into the document.

  5. Customize the look of the table if you wish through the editor of the sidebar on the right. You can modify the size of the font, the color, the alignment of the text …

  6. Click on “Save” in the upper right corner..

  7. To print the document, click on the print icon in the top menu.

💡You can also print from the “Reports” section by clicking on the three dots and then on “Print”.
💡Do you want more information on how to create and customize your reports? Continue reading here.
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