Setting up trophies for a race

Trophies are those "awards" that you will configure to be displayed in the app, in the trophy widget, and in the trophy presets. The latter can be inserted into documents.

It is important to create trophies in copérnico because they will help you have more control over the race. They will be displayed in the trophy widget, in the trophy section of the apps or in the documents that you have selected trophy presets.

You can create trophies for the events of a race from the “Race Setup” section.

💡If you want to control the trophies during the race, we recommend that you add the “Trophies” widget from the control panel.
  1. Select the race.
  2. Display the event for which you are going to create the trophies.
  3. Display the “Trophies” section.
  4. Click “+Add”

  5. Complete the trophy block information. There are separate blocks so that you can differentiate between non-cumulative and cumulative trophies.

  6. Complete the information about the trophy:
    • Interval or leg calculation. Interval or leg in which the trophy is to be calculated. You can create trophies that are calculated on a specific leg, for example, a time trial climb.
    • Number of participants or teams that can win the trophy.
    • Type of trophy (general, gender, category, attribute or team type).
    • Trophy details (appears when a type of trophy other than "General" is chosen)

  7. If necessary, check the "Non-cumulative trophies" box. This action will not allow a participant can receive two trophies within that block. The trophies will be exclusive.

    The higher a trophy is placed, the higher priority it will have and will be the one received by a participant with two trophies. For example, 1st Overall will have more importance than 1st Male. Therefore, the Absolute trophies will be ranked above the gender trophies.

  8. Click on the button «Save».

From the “Documents” section, you can prepare a document to print with the trophies. You simply have to drag the “Trophies” widget to the report from the menu of elements on the right side and select the trophies you want to be displayed. You can select them all or choose only the ones you need.



💡Do you want more information on how to create and customise your documents? Read more here.
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