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How do you add an athlete preset to a team ranking? 

In order to add an athlete preset to a team ranking, it is necessary to perform a series of preliminary tasks:

  • Create an athlete preset Ideally, you should create a simple preset: bib number, name, overall position, time and pace. Of course sorting by position and filtering finished athletes - nothing too complicated. This will be the one you will add to the team preset.
  • Create a team preset: same as the previous one; it can be something simple: position, team name and time. Grouped by team type, sorting by position and filtering by the teams that have ranked (position column selects inverted and empty).


With these two tasks completed, the next steps would be to:

  • Create a document
  • Copérnico will ask you if you want to add an athlete preset: search and select an athlete preset previously created then click on the button «Add athletes».

Documentos Clas. Equipos EN.jpg

  • Select the athletes preset that you want to add.
  • Print the document.

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