Pre-race check

The pre-race check of participants is carried out during the import. If you still do not know how to carry out this import, we recommend that you read the article “Importing participants”.

When importing the participants of an event, a pop-up window will appear in the right-hand side menu called “Pre-race check” in which Copérnico, after reviewing the data and fields you just uploaded, marks the validity of them with colours and indicates any incident that has been detected.



It is not necessary to correct the validation incidents when you import the participants, you can always do so by entering “Participants” and clicking on the “Pre-race check” icon in the right-hand menu.

The validation points made by Copérnico have a colour coding.

  • Green: everything fine.
  • Yellow: there is an incident which will not prevent the participant from generating times.
  • Red: there is an incident which will prevent the participant from generating times or positions.

When there is an incidence on the validation, you will be told how many athletes it affects. You can correct it at that moment by clicking on the eye icon. The list of participants which have this incidence will open and you can correct it by editing their information.

When you make the corrections, click on the “Validate again” button to save the changes.

If you need more information about the editing of participants you can consult it in this article.

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