Splits configuration

An interval is a section of a race with an initial split and a final split. The classifications are calculated according to the interval.

  1. Display the event for which you want to create intervals.
  2. Display “Intervals”.
  3. To create intevals you can click on “+ Add” button, and you would add the intervals one by one, but you can also open the creation menu and create the intevals in block, import them from another race that you have in Copérnico and you can paste intervals from another event within the same race with the edit buttons: cut, copy and paste.

  4. Complete the information of the interval. You can use the slider to define the split where the interval starts and the split where it ends:
    • Name: is the name that will appear in the column in the “Participants” section and in the athlete’s profile.
    • Splits: start and end.
    • Type of interval: if you want to use universal documents in the race, you must select the type of interval.
    • Type of media: so that the athlete can see his rhythm in Live, the interval must have a defined type of rate. For example, in running we will use “Minutes per km”.


You can modify the details of an interval already created by clicking on the pencil icon. You can also delete it by clicking on the trash can icon.

Remember that in the athlete tab of Live the intervals are shown and not the splits.
Copérnico always automatically creates the intervals based on the splits previously created. We explain how to configure splits in this article.
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