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The quick actions menu is an options bar that is available in the event configuration areas: splits, intervals, waves or trophies. It allows you to create the configuration of a race in a faster and more convenient way.

To activate it, click on the icon with the three dots that appears on any of the elements.



These are the actions you can execute with this menu:

  • Generate or create.
  • Import.
  • Clean or delete.
  • Cut.
  • Copy.
  • Paste.

We explain what you can use each of them for:


Generate or create

This action allows you to create bulk elements for each area.

For example, in the splits area, it will create one for Start and one for Finish automatically, so you will only have to modify, remove or add missing splits.

In the splits area you must specify:

  1. Number of splits to generate: indicate the number.
  2. The name prefix: you can put “Split” and the names will be created as “Split 1”, “Split 2” and so on.
  3. Distance between splits: to indicate the intervals.


When creating the splits as a block, minimum and maximum times will not be created; you will have to edit them yourself.

In the area intervals it will generate the intervals of each split that you have created in the previous field.

As you can see in the example, it has generated 22 legs, one per split, and the names it assigns automatically based on the name prefix. The split names are editable.

In the waves area you must indicate:

  1. Number of waves to generate: indicate the number.
  2. The name prefix: you can put “Wave” and the names will be created as “Wave 1”, “Wave 2” and so on.
  3. Time range to elapse between each wave.
  4. Date and time of the first wave: this is used to add time between waves.

The quick actions menu is very useful for waves when you have many of them in the same event.



In the categories area, you can create as many categories as you need by age criteria. You must take into account the age range you are going to set to change categories, the minimum and maximum age, and if you are going to create male, female and/or mixed categories.


It is possible that due to the age ranges you may not be able to create all categories at the same time. You can make a first block creation of categories using the age ranges and then the others.

For example, if you have categories that go in 5 year ranges from age 35 onwards, you will start with these and create them in bulk for both men and women. Then you can create the missing categories one by one.

The names of the categories are editable because the ones created automatically are probably not the ones you expect.


In the trophies area, you can create them with different criteria and for the sections you have already created for the event. As a minimum, they are usually by categories in the complete interval of the race: from start to finish. You must indicate:

  1. Number of trophies to be generated.
  2. Type of trophy: by gender, category, attribute or team type.
  3. Applicable interval: in the drop-down menu you can choose the inteval based on those already created.

In the example, trophies are created for the first three finishers by gender and for the first three finishers in each category.



Allows you to import data from another race and event you have in your database. Depending on the area you are configuring it will import some data or others. This quick action is very useful to create new events or new editions of the races because they usually match in the configuration..


Clear or delete

Allows you to delete the configuration of the event you are setting up. Sometimes it is quicker to clear everything and start over than to change all the elements of a course one by one.

Quick actions: cut, copy and paste operate from one event to another. For example, you can cut, copy and paste the trophy settings from the 10K event to the 5K event. But they don’t allow you to copy/cut from one race to another, that’s what the “Import” button is for.



Allows you to remove the configuration of an area to use it in another event.



Allows you to copy the area configuration to replicate it in another event.



Is the action of replicating an area configuration to another area that you have previously cut or copied.


❗If you copy and paste an element that does not have the same criteria it will not work. For example, if you copy trophies from one event to another but the intervals or categories don’t have the same name it won’t work.
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