Single Platform Race Setup

We have made some changes to improve race management within the timingsense ecosystem. 

Races will be created in a single location but are integratable between the different applications in our ecosystem.  

We have made these changes in order to separate: 

  • Registrations (Sportmaniacs) 
  • Cloud (at the moment shared by Sportmaniacs and copérnico) 
  • Timing (copérnico). 
  • Rankings (hosted by sportmaniacs or your preferred platform) 

What implications does this have? 

From now on when you create a race both in Sportmaniacs and copérnico, we will ask you for the name of the race to check if it has already been created in either of the applications to prevent duplicates. 

For example, when you create a new race in copérnico it will ask for the first 2 characters of your race’s name to show you the list of races previously setup: 



Selecting a race will relate a race in the single repository to the run in the app you’re creating it in.


This way you will have a single version of the race in order to distinguish: 

  • Registrations: Sportmaniacs 
  • Timing & Live: copérnico 
  • Results: Sportmaniacs or any other platform 

Thanks to the new single race manager and the direct connection between the cloud and copérnico, you will be able to create races directly in copérnico if you will only be timing them. 


What will the process be like? 

In the process described above what we did is associate races. If a race existed in Sportmaniacs, it will now be associated to the new one that we are going to create in copérnico.   

In addition, if what you want is to import the race data that already exists in Sportmaniacs to copérnico, you must continue using the import race button located on the right hand side. See the following article for more details on importing a race..  Import a race to Copérnico | Copernico | timingsense Academy 

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