Demo environment

We have created the Copérnico demo environment allowing you to practice without any associated cost and thus become an expert, because as the popular phrase says, “practice makes perfect”.

If you have access to Copérnico, you have access to the demo environment.

You can access this environment in two ways:

  • Modifying the access URL: You just have to change APP for DEMO in the Copérnico access URL.



You can access this environment in two ways:

  • Modifying the access URL: You just have to change APP for DEMO in the Copérnico access URL.

  • Click on “go to the test environment” when creating a race: We have added a warning, this way, every time you click on “create a new race”, it will ask if you want to create it in the real environment or in the demo environment


The main features of the demo environment are:

  • No credits are charged for its use.
  • It does not resize. This means if you try to time an event or race with many entries, it is very likely to slow down, as the servers will not adapt to this increased need for resources. It is an environment for you to practice with 10, 20 or even 50 participants, but it is not an environment for timing.
  • Every night the content created during the day is deleted, so the next day you will have to start from zero.
  • Live does not work. You will be able to set up live but it will not be saved or shown in the Apps or web.
  • Visually you will be able to distinguish the demo environment, because is an orange color, instead of the classic Copérnico blue.



If you only want to work in the demo environment to prepare the documents for a certain race, our recommendation is that you do not connect the equipment to send readings as it is not necessary, you can simply create times in some participants manually so that they are processed and you can see the rankings.


If you want to receive the readings from timingsense timing equipment, you must create the race in our cloud (Sportmaniacs) and connect the timing equipment to this race.


If these are your first steps with Copérnico, ideally you should create a race in the cloud and call it “test / demo” and every day connect the same race by importing from Sportmaniacs.

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