Rain mode

Rain mode deactivates the cooling fans in the equipment to avoid sucking water into the vents and causing damage. Rain mode is deactivated by default, after it is activated, it will automatically deactivate when the equipment is switched off.

💡Rain mode is available on the TS2 and TSPowerV2 boxes. Although Rain mode is available as a safety measure, we also recommend protecting the equipment further by closing the lid in heavier rain.


  1. Open the menu.
  2. Select “Settings”. âš™ï¸


  1. Click the activation switch for “rain mode” on the right hand side. 


The switch will display in green when Rain mode is activated.

❗If you activate Rain mode for prolonged periods of time, try to control the temperature of the box: while the cooling fans are switched off the equipment could overheat. The CPU temperature should not surpass 65° C.❗
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