Your device should be configured to the timezone you will be working in. Upon purchase, the box will be configured to the timezone of that country by default. If required, you can change the timezone from the configuration screen.

  1. Press the menu button.
  2. Select “Configuration”. ⚙️
  3. In the “Timezone” column, the existing timezone configuration will be displayed. To change it, click the blue icon.

  4. Click on the search bar and enter the capital city of the country you are in.

  5. Click enter.

  6. Click the search icon.
    Time Zone_4

  7. Select the correct timezone from your search results.

On the configuration screen, you will now see the timezone you selected. On the homescreen, you will also see the time has changed to the time of that region.

💡If you connect your device remotely to a race which has already been created, the timezone will change automatically to the one you have configured for that particular race in Sportmaniacs.
💡The timingsense boxes make changes to the time automatically. If you are going to time on a weekend in a different timezone, make sure to check that the time has changed before you start timing.
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