Synchronization of registred participants in Sportmaniacs and Virtual Races

In order to time a virtual race, it is necessary to synchronize Sportmaniacs registrants with you Virtual race. Data transmission to the registration management panel of the app is done simultaniously with registration setup in Sportmaniacs.

The first step to synchronize registered participants in Sportmaniacs would be to assign a bib-number to each participant. To assign bib-numbers in Sportmaniacs click on “edit race” and check the “Automatic assignment of bib-numbers” box. In the example picture below the assignment selected is one that starts with bib-number 1.

The second step is the registration setup for each event: click on “Registration Settings” menu of any event and in the “Automatic send of registred participants” section select one of the two options from the drop-down.


Currently there are 2 possible setups in virtual races:

  1. A registrant can participate in any event: participants with no assigned event are synchronized, so that once validated in the app he can select an event he wants to participate in. Once that participation is completed, and he wants to participate again, he will be able to select the same event or a different one.
  2. A registrant can only participate in the event he registers for: The event information will be sent along with the registration. Thus, when a participant is validated, he will only be able to participate in the event he selected when registering.


Finally, click on “Save” button to enable synchronization.

An example:

In a race with 3 events:

  • 10K+ 5K with 8 € registration price.
  • 10K with 5 € registration price.
  • 5K with 5 € registration price.

An athlete who registers for 10K + 5K may participate in any of this two 10K and 5K events. Therefore, you should select “An athlete can participate in any event” option in the drop-down. For the 10K and 5K events you should select “An athlete can only participate in the event that he registers for”.


Remember to synchronize only those attributes that will be useful in Copernico. As you can see in the example gif, “local” attribute was synchronized, because it is necessary for publishing final results. On the other hand, you may request other attributes that are not necessary for timing, such as acceptance of race regulations which you don’t send to the registration table of the app.


❗❗ It is very important that you name attributes in Sportmaniacs exactly the same  as in Copernicuo, including capital letters. Also you should pay special attention when you have several events with shared attributes, since these will also have to be named the exact way in all your events.
💡 You will not be able to see those registered for your race in Copernico until they complete their participation, but you will have access to them in the application’s registration management panel. In this panel you can import, update or create a participation in Copernico, although they will be accessible in the app registrants management panel. You can check on all those things you can do, in the following TimingSense Academy article.
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