If you have correctly setup each of the events, timing an event with general classification is generally the easiest thanks to timingsense technology.

In stage/multi-event timing you will be able to use all the copérnico features. For example, you may have several types of events within a stage race:

- A linear event, with one wave, 2 intermediate points and one finish..

- The next day a time trial, see this article: timing time trials to see how to set it up.

- Another event you may have to use type of waves according to the reads. 

- And of course you will have the overall event that will add up the rankings of the rest of the events.

Each of the days or moments when you have to start timing any of the events, you only have to go to the wave (if necessary).

With each of the waves that are updated, copérnico will automatically change the stage/event you are in, to add it to the sum.


Multievent- Cronometraje EN.png


Although you can always change the current stage, either from the start section, or from the configuration menu in the general event / sum of the different events.


Multievent- Cronometraje 2 EN.png


As you progress through the events/race days, we recommend that you modify the order of the events in the race section. It is always advised to have the event you are timing as high up as possible, for 2 very simple reasons:


Multievent- Cronometraje 3 EN.png


- The first is being in terms of timing, it will always be the event that is located at the top to be selected both in participants and documents.


Multievent- Cronometraje 4 EN.png


- the second is because if you are using the Live APP the event that is located above is the one that comes up by default when you click on live ranking.


The following inherent tasks of timing are identitcal: 

  • Create presets.
  • Create documents and mark them as favorites.
  • Setup the dashboard.
  • Connect devices to their distinct locations.
  • Give the wave.
  • Publish results.
  • Etc.
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