Modifying participant data

In a multievent race, modifying participant data can be somewhat different. 

This means that there certain data can be edited for all events and other data can be modified event by event.

For example, the first and last names will be the same for all events, so when you make a change it will carry over to all events. 

On the other hand, you may have to change a participant's chip in one of the stages (or event) because their chip is broken, lost, etc. 

You will be able to edit this data by simply selecting the participant, right-clicking on it, and clicking "edit selected".

Once the data editing opens, you will be able to edit the data for all of the events, reflected with the name of the event and the "stages" tag.


Multievent- Modificación de datos EN.png


Data such as name, surname and date of birth can be modified for all events.

In addition, by scrolling down and selecting any of the other events, you will be able to modify the participant's data for that particular event (stage). For example, you can modify or add a new chip code in case of breakage/loss.


Multievent- Modificación de datos 2 EN.png


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