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Uploading photos by runners in Live makes them feel more involved into the competition, either in a face-to-face mode or in virtual race one, as the new way of sharing is becoming something very usual in today races.

We acreated a user photo panel in Sportmaniacs that allows you to admin photos uploads made by runners, whether they are logged into the app or not. It is from the panel itself recognizes which user and which participant uploaded a photo.

To get to the user photos panel, open your race in Sportmaniacs, drop down “More options” from the left side menu and click on “User photos”.

In the user photos panel you can find the following information on each picture:

  • User: user name of the person who logged in Sportmaniacs and uploaded a photo.
  • CreationDate:date and hour the photo was uploaded.
  • Owner: User name and surname.
  • Comment: User bib-number.
  • Published: it allows us to hide and publish photos.
  • Approved: it allows us administration of photos: approved or denied.

What can you do in the user photo panel?

You can deselect approval for the photos you see not suitable for the race. You can also remove publication of certain pictures.

💡 There are two modes for all photos: “Published” and “Approved”. Both of these boxes have to be checked in order for the photo to be public.

Photos can also be exported in an excel file. The file displays the same data as in the user photo panel and there is also a link to the image. This file allows you, for example, to run contests, send photo links to other users, share them, etc … Also, if you combine it with sending push messages in the application, you will have no limits when it comes to posing challenges or contests.


To export click on “Export” button at the top right of the photo panel.

How do I disable automatic posting of user photos?

Photos automatic publication option photos is enabled by default. To disable it, open the “More options” from the left side menu and click on “Application”. You will see an option “I want to validate photos that are automatically displayed in the app” where “No” is checked by default. Select “Yes” and then click on “Save”. Like that user photos will not be posted automatically.

How to download all user photos?

For any reason you may want to download all user photos accessible from the photo panel. To do so, it is necessary that you use Chrome or Edge and that you install Tab Save extension, which you can download by clicking here. When this is ready:

  1. Export the excel of the photos
  2. Copy the column that contains the urls of all photos.
  3. Paste the column into the extension.
  4. Click on download.

Explication by Tripasion Eventos

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