Sending push notifications to applications

Did you know you can send push notifications to any application you manage?

These messages will reach all those who installed the application to their smartphones. The delivery is made from Sportmaniacs, so you should go to and log in with your company username.

  1. Click on “Applications” in the top menu of the panel.

  2. When you see all the apps associated with your company account, select the application you want to send notifications from. It is necessary that the application is published and has a race added to it. We explain how to do it in another article.
  3. When you have chosen the application, click on “Push Notification” button in the upper right corner.

  4. You will see a panel with all the push notifications previously created by you. You can send one that you already sent before, or you can create a new one by clicking the “+ Create mobile notification” button in the upper right corner.

  5. Choose push type you want to send from the drop-down options, its name and message content.

Types of push notifications:

  • Live: it will open the Live screen of the race you sent the notification for. For example: “Seville Marathon Live has started.”
  • Twitter: it will open the Twitter screen in the Live of the race you send the notification for.
  • Upload photo: it will open camera within Live of the race you sent the notification for.
  • Link: it will open the link you assigned when selecting this option. For example, you can link registration for a specific event.

For the first 3 options another drop-down will open where you should select a race you want to link – the one where different screens will open (Live, Twitter or camera). If you want to send a link, just fill in URL in the corresponding field.

  1. After you fill in all the information, click on the “Next” button and after checking all summary data click on the “Send” button.
💡 At the moment there is no automatic translation available, so you will have to create each campaign in different languages one by one.
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