Activating filters

❗❗When you connect your device remotely and set up the race, the filters that you have created in Sportmaniacs will be applied. You will only be able to edit them during this configuration. Filters that you have created in local mode do not apply while a race configuration is active. We tell you all about creating filters in Sportmaniacs in this article.

The tag filtering option allows you to choose the readings you want to send to TSCloud by applying a filter based on the race code and company code of the tags. You can activate more than one filter at a time.


💡The tag filtering feature is activated by default on new timingsense devices. If you have and old timingsense device and you want to activate it please contact us:
💡Readings that do not match the active filters will not be sent to TSCloud but will remain stored on the box. You can retrieve them by applying the correct filters and rewinding the device from TSConnector; or by downloading the session to a USB from the “Previous Sessions” section.
  1. Open the menu.
  2. Select “Filters”. On the screen you will see the “Chip filtering statistics” section, where you will see the different filters available from the tags that your device has read in that session. Each filter has the following elements.
    • Status indicator: orange if the filter is not active, green if it is.
    • Enterprise code: numeric value of four hexadecimal digits.
    • Race code: eight hexadecimal digits.
    • Total filtered: number of tags detected that meet the filter conditions.
    • Activation switch.

  3. Click on the switch to activate the filter (E).
  4. Click “Yes” in the pop-up window.


On the “Chip filter statistics” screen the status indicator of the filter you have activated will change to green. In the menu of the box you will see the number of active filters next to “Filters”.



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