System features (hardware)

The hardware of the timing device has the following parts:

  1. External protection Nanuk box: insulating box, which when closed, protects the system from inclement weather and from impacts.
  2. Touchscreen: VGA Touch Display screen (6.5″) which you can use  to modify the configuration of the box, as well as view the status.
  3. UHF ports: UHF connections where the UHF cables connect to the timingsense antennas.
    Elementos del equipo (hardware)

  4. Power connector: for charging the system and connecting external power supplies or batteries.
  5. Ethernet network connectors: two RJ-45 ports to connect to external data networks or to a second timingsense system.
  6. USB port: used to feed external systems via USB and also to make a backup of readings and export data from previous sessions.
  7. Power button: both to turn on the system and to force a shutdown of the system if necessary.
  8. Audio signal: a feature that will indicate the readings have recorded with a sharp beep.
  9. Ventilation slot: you can clean the ventilation filter by lifting the magnetically fixed cover.

Elementos del equipo (hardware)

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