Elements of Sportmaniacs panel


In the Sportmaniacs dashboard you’ll find the following elements.


The homescreen will display by default when you access the dashboard. Here you’ll see your upcoming races (1). You can also use the search function (2) to search races in your list. And in the homescreen you can create a race from scratch (3) or from an existing race by copying it (4).
Home Page


Main menu

The main menu is the menu in the top bar of the dashboard. It is visible at all times.

  1. Home: Returns you to the homescreen.
  2. Races: Shows all of the races that have been created, past, present and future.
  3. Inscriptions:  Shows the inscriptions in all of your races, ordered by date (starting with the most recent). For each inscription, the date added, race, name, email, operation code and the status of the inscription (paid or not) is displayed. You can can edit inscriptions by clicking on them.
  4. Users: Here you can create users with access to the Sportmaniacs dashboard.
  5. Help: A list of phone numbers and emails to request assistance from our support team.
  6. User profile: Here you can change the language and the account password.
  7. Exit: Ends the current session.

Main Menu


Race sidebar

After you select a race you will enter the race panel and the following elements will be displayed in the sidebar. These elements refer only to the race you are currently viewing.

  • Summary: General view of the race information.
  • Edit: Here you can edit race information (entry rules, confirmation email, poster, etc).
  • Inscriptions: A list of the participants in the race.
  • Rankings: Upload of the race classification as a CSV. You can also add a PDF.
  • Users: You can create various users with access to the dashboard of the race with permissions for organizers, ticket offices, and others.
  • Filters: You can filter the tags on the timing points for coding.
  • More options: To configure other aspects of the race.

Race Side Menu


More options

When you click on “More options” the following options will appear as a dropdown.

  • Discounts: To create discount coupons (partial or total).
  • Codes: To allow access to a race inscription using a code.
  • Upload documents: Upload documents of interest to the participants (such as a price calendar).
  • Services: Add specific information to be displayed in the race app.
  • Pictures for sale: Activate the sale of original photos, certificates, packs, etc.
  • Accounts: Account balance of your current operations.
  • Statistics: Displays a graphic of the evolution of your race inscriptions. You can filter this by events, statistics and dates. The data can be displayed in a daily, weekly or monthly range.
  • App: To configure some aspects of the Live application once the classifications have been uploaded.
  • Live Timing: Activation and configuration of Live Timing.
  • Certificates: Generate certificates with a photo or a patterned background. You can choose the detailed of the runner you wish to display.
  • Sponsors: Add information and images of the sponsors of the race.
  • Race images: aUpload photos of the race to appear in the race app.
  • Users photos: Shows the photos that users have uploaded to the race app.
  • Numbers: Download a list of participants to assign numbers and upload them to Sportmaniacs.

More options


Event sidebar

You can create events, edit them and view information about them from the events menu in the sidebar on the right whilst viewing a specific event. The “+” symbol allows you to create new events. When you click on any of the events, the following elements will display ad a dropdown.

  • Create event: Allows you to create new events within the race.
  • View events: Displays a list of the events in a race.
  • View event: Summary of the event and its main characteristics.
  • Edit event: Edit the characteristics of an event.
  • Inscription settings: Personalize the terms and conditions and the inscription form.
  • Prices: This tab allows you to configure the price of an event in the case of price changes, solo inscriptions, inscriptions for federated and non-federated athletes, etc.
  • Inscriptions: A List of the athletes registered.
  • Attributes: Create attributes to personalize the inscription form.
  • Categories: Create categories for inscriptions by age and gender.
  • Splits: Each one of the times registered by an athlete.
  • Waves: Configuration of the waves in the case that the event has more than one wave. For example, when there is insufficient space for the number of people starting the race and it has to be started in separate waves.
  • Team types: Configuration of the different types of selectable teams within a race. The forms are individual and the payment is made as a team, though the price for individual runners is shown.
  • Certificates: Create certificates for the event.

Event Side Menu


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