Definition of races, events and splits


A race is a sporting competition with a start and a finish which requires timing services. A race can contain different events in which people can register. These registrars (participants) will appear in Sportmaniacs in the same race.

In Sportmaniacs, races are created from the home page in the “races ” tab. In the upper right corner you also have the option to copy a race which you can use to create a race with similar characteristics to one previously created. A good example would be the following annual edition of a race.



An event is each one of the timed classes within a single race. Some races have only one class, and therefore will have only one event. An example of a race with more than one event could be a popular race with a 5K and 10K in the same race.

In Sportmaniacs, events are created within each race in the “events” section in the left-hand sidebar.



Splits are each of the times taken from an athlete during a race. The number of splits may coincide with the number of timing points, or it may not. For example, a loop race that has the same physical location for the start and the finish line would only need one timing point, but in Sportmaniacs there would be two splits applied, because at the same point you would be taking two different times for each athlete; the start and the finish.

To time remotely, you must create splits in the Sportmaniacs app for all of the timing points in the race. If you have several events which share splits, you can copy splits to be used in different events.

In Sportmaniacs, splits are created within each event in the left-hand sidebar of events. If you have various events but they share the same splits, you only need to create one which can be shared across different events.
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