Selling Photos

The steps to follow for the sale of photos are as follows:

Uploaded photos are assigned to each athlete according to time. With photos being assigned to each athlete in this way, they can be taken at any split, and will appear in the runners’ profiles in Sportmaniacs where they can be purchased. To set this up, there are two things that need to be configured.

  • Synchronize the time of the cameras with that of the timing device before the race. If you haven’t already done this, you can perform a time sync after the race, though we don’t recommend doing it this way.
  • Prepare a report of the classifications with a time of day field (tod). This can be applied from any control point you are timing (start, finish, split, intermediates, triathlon splits, etc).


Uploading photos to Sportmaniacs

Once you have the photos ready, follow these steps in the Sportmaniacs dashboard.

You can select a maximum of 500 photos for every upload. If you have more, they must be uploaded in batches.
  1. Click “Pictures for sale” in the race menu under “More options”.
  2. Click “Upload photos” in the upper right hand corner.

  3. Click “Add files” (A) to upload the photos from the split indicated in the title of the screen (B). You can change the split using the navigation buttons at the bottom “Next step” and “Previous step” (C).

  4. Fill in the time before and after the photo in the two  “Time allocation range of a photo” dropdown fields. We recommend completing the fields with 2″, this will mean that any photo taken two seconds before or after an athlete passes the split will be assigned to them.
  5. In the case that a camera is not synchronized with the timing device, you can enter the time difference in the section “Synchronize time of the images with the race”. The time added or taken away is altered on the photos, not the race time.
  6. Check that all files have been added and click the “Summary” button which will appear when you navigate to to the last split using the “Next step” navigation button.

  7. Click “Process” and check that the files start uploading.

On the race summary screen, the number of uploaded photos will appear, check that it is correct.

You can upload photos for each split, but be sure to do every upload to the right split. If not, the photos will not be assigned to the right runners.



Activating Pictures for Sale

  1. Click “Pictures for sale” in the race menu.
  2. Click the pencil icon in the “Pricing policy” section.

  3. Select the type of photos you will be uploading by selecting the checkbox, enter the price of each type.
  4. Mark “Yes” in the “activate front sale” checkbox to activate the sale of photos.
  5. Click “Save”.
If you want to activate the sale of a certificate photo, you first have to create a certificate design that includes a photo.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload if there is more than one event?

Uploading photos is done as a function of the splits created for each race in Sportmaniacs, not from events. In races with more than one event or distance, the splits should be named with the same name for all of the events/distances.

For example, in a race with a 5km and a 10km event, the two finish lines should be called “finish”, not “5km finish” and “10km finish”. The photos will then be uploaded to the same split for the two events.

The team names are case-sensitive.


What if the name of the split doesn’t appear in the upload?

When you click “Upload photos”, if you don’t see a screen showing the uploads according to the different splits. Follow these steps.

  1. Click the “List of events” button which appears on the screen.
  2. Select the event from the list which appears on the screen.
  3. Click the pencil icon from the “Splits” section.
  4. Click the split you want to upload the photos to.
  5. Enter the name of the split in the field “Team name”.

The split you have just named will now appear in the photo upload screen.

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