Creating personalized certificates

In Sportmaniacs, you can create personalized certificates for each of the events in a race. Each certificate can be enhanced with information such as participants’ name, number, time, classification, etc.

  1. Click “Certificates” in the race sidebar.

  2. Click “Create certificate” in the upper right corner.

  3. Choose “Standard certificate” in the “Certificate type” dropdown.
  4. Select the file you wish to use as the background.
  5. Choose the event you are creating the certificate for.
  6. Click “Save” to load the “Edit certificate” screen, here you will see a preview of the certificate with the image you have chosen.

  7. In the left-hand sidebar of the “Edit certificate” screen, all of the customizable elements that can be added to the certificate are displayed. Drag each element onto the certificate and place it wherever you want. Click on the element to adjust its size, typeface, font, colour, and alignment in the “Element” menu on the right. To delete an element, click “Delete element” in the same menu.
  8. Check the box “Publish” and the certificate will be published after it is saved.
  9. You change the background of the certificate by clicking “Select file” at any time.
  10. Click “Save certificate”.

On the “Certificates” screen, you can view all of the certificates that you have created for the race. You can edit a certificate by clicking on it.

Once you have published the certificate, it will appear on each runner’s profile.

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