Preparing the CSV file

Before uploading the results to Sportmaniacs, make sure that the labels in the header of each column match the labels of Sportmaniacs. If the labels are not matched exactly, the results of each runner’s data won’t be correctly associated on the platform on upload.

  1. Download the results from your timing software.
  2. Open the file in a spreadsheet program.
  3. If necessary, modify the labels in the header of each column so that they match those of Sportmaniacs. In the following table you have the most common types.
  4. Save the document as CSV.
❗❗Write the labels exactly as in the table below. They are not case-sensitive.
Athlete Labels Value
Name Name and surname
Document ID
Birthday Birth date
Gender Gender
Category Category
Bib Bib
Club Club
User_id Number of user in Sportmaniacs, obtained when downloading registered athletes from the platform.
Split Labels Value
Tofficial Official time of the race
Treal Real time
Pos Official Position
Posreal Real Position
Poscat Position in the category
Posgen Position in the gender group


Preparing a file with results by splits

The split labels will be attributed by default to the finish line split. In order to load the results of each split, you must use “name of the of the label” as a label.

For example, if you want to add the official time, the real time, the position and the category position for the split “5K”, you must put the following labels in the headers of these values:


5k.tofficial 5k.treal 5k.pos 5k.poscat
❗❗It is essential that the name of the split matches the name of the split you have already created in Sportmaniacs. If you haven’t yet created the splits, they will be created automatically when you upload the CSV which you will then be able to edit.
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