Publishing results in Sportmaniacs

If you use Copérnico our timing software you can upload directly from it with just three clicks. We explain how to publish results in Sportmaniacs from Copérnico in this article.
❗❗Before starting the process of publishing classifications in Sportmaniacs you the CSV file must be prepared beforehand.
  1. In the side menu of the race, click on “Rankings”.Publishing results in Sportmaniacs - Step1

  2. Select the event from those displayed.

Uploading the file

  1. Select the file to import and define the type of file according to the delimiter used to separate the fields and the coding.
  2. Make sure the “Header” checkbox is checked if your CSV contains the labels in the first line, this needs to be prepared in advance, before exporting the CSV.
  3. Mark the checkbox “Save existing data” if you are uploading a CSV file in an event which you have already uploaded results to, and do not wish to delete the existing ones.
  4. Click “Upload and continue”.


Set up of splits

  1. On the next screen, check that the splits shown are correct. If a split is missing, you can add it by clicking on “+ Add another split”. Clicking on the split will open a window that allows you to edit and even delete it.Publishing results in Sportmaniacs - Step7

    If you are not going to time remotely, you don’t need to create splits as these will be created from the classification file you uploaded to Sportmaniacs. In this case, if you already have the splits created, we recommend that you remove them so that they are created from the CSV. Doing it this way will ensure that, if any split has been renamed, the results are correctly associated.

  2. Click “Continue”.


Association of fields

  1. On the next screen check that the fields contained in the document are green, which means that the association has been made correctly.
  2. Click on “Import”.

Publishing results in Sportmaniacs - Step10

By clicking on “Rankings” in the left sidebar, you will see the events counter has changed to show the number of rankings that have been uploaded for each of them.

Publishing results in Sportmaniacs - Events Counter


How do I show the average speed of each split?

To show the average speed of each split you must edit them in “Set up of splits”.

  1. Click on the name of the split.
  2. In the pop-up window, fill in the field “Distance from start in kilometres (KM)”.
  3. Click “Save”.

Publishing results in Sportmaniacs - Show the average speed of each split


How do I show the timing points for swim, bike and run in a triathlon?

To show the swim, bike and run points in a triathlon you must edit the splits in “Set up of splits”.

  1. Click on the name of the split.
  2. In the pop-up window check the box “Main triathlon split, aquathlon or duathlon?”.
  3. Complete the “Split distance” and “Type of measurement” information if you also want the average speed of each point to be displayed.
  4. Click “Save”.

Publishing results in Sportmaniacs - Show swim, bike and run timing points in a triathlon


What do I do if, in the field association step, some fields appear in red?

If the field that appears in red is not critical you can ignore it and continue. If it is a necessary field, you must make sure to associate it correctly. The most common issue that arises is that the name you have used in the label of the header does not correspond to any of the labels defined in Sportmaniacs. For example, “Tofical” instead of “Toficial”.

  1. Click the dropdown on the right of the field displaying in red.
  2. If any of the fields that appear corresponds to the one you need, choose it.
  3. If it is a field related to a split (position, time or time of day), select “Add Split” in the dropdown. This will open a second and third dropdown.
  4. In the second dropdown choose the split that the field information is associated with.
  5. In the third dropdown choose the data you want to show.
  6. Click “Import”.

Publishing results in Sportmaniacs - Matching fields

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