Setting up a timing point with the Classic Loop Box

When we talk about the set-up of a timing point, we talk about it from the physical point of view. Before this physical setup, it is required to:

Once these steps have been completed, a timing point will be physically set up for the race:

  1. Lay the loop on the ground perpendicular to the running direction. Lay it in a rectangle with approximately 25-35 cm between the two sides of the cable.
  2. Connect the loop to the device (right side of the Classic Loop Box). The device will start the automatic calibration, it will take a few seconds and you will hear a few quick clicks.
  3. When the calibration is finished, the loop disconnected alert icon will disappear on the control panel and a green check will appear in its place

    From this moment on, the Classic Loop Box device will start receiving readings on the dashboard with the chip number and the exact time they are received.
馃挕 You can use the Classic Loop Box device to change certain chip parameters. If you change any parameter of the bluetooth configuration, the loop will automatically recalibrate itself and during the seconds of the calibration, accuracy will be lost if a chip passes by at that moment.
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