Elements of the active system

Classic Loop Box

The hardware components of a Classic Loop Box are:

  1. USB connection: only allows charging to other devices connected to the device, such as a MIFI.
  2. Power button: when the device is turned on, an LED ring lights up around the button.
  3. Ethernet connection: allows the unit to be connected to the Internet via network cable.
  4. Exhaust fan: allows air circulation and lowers the temperature of the device.
  5. Ventilation hole: brings in outside air to ventilate the unit.
  6. Loop connection: to connect the loop. Different loop sizes are available: from 5 cm to work at home, up to 16 metres.
  7. Battery connection: to connect the charging cable of the device.

Classic Loop Box



Active tag timingsense

The best version of any active chip: watertight, light and accurate, with 0% loss of readings.

Each of our chips has a unique coding.

Chip activo timingsense

馃挕 It is required to charge the chips at least once every two months.
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