How to connect registration API to Copernico / Sportmaniacs

You can connect any entry platform to Copérnico for timing virtual races.


Registered participants API


  • where {raceId} is the id of sportmaniacs* for example: 5fbe1dc5-deb8-40dd-8a08-2375ac1f13d5
  • headers: Content-Type: application/json
  • body: list of registered participants[{id: “unique identification number of the participant”,name: “participant’s name”,surname: “participant’s surname”,birthdate: “participant’s date of birth as YYYY-MM-DD”,document: “participant’s registration ID”,dorsal: “participant’s bib-number”,gender: “male | female | mixed”,raceId: “Race ID” in this case 5edf7259-ed28-46f4-84f5-4972ac1f25ca,eventId: “event ID”,…}]


  • 5 km race – 5edf72a1-dc24-464e-915e-4758ac1f25ca
  • 10 km race. – 5edf72d5-da78-472c-8203-4972ac1f25ca
  • 20 km bike route. – 5edf72fb-52b4-4b1b-a2f9-4972ac1f25ca

In the registration you can add any other field you want to be displayed in Cópernico

The Sportmaniacs race id is one highlighted in bold in the URL:


Example import file

Required name of columns:

  • id
  • bib-number
  • name
  • surname
  • gender:
    • male
    • female
    • mixed
  • birthdate
    • yyyy-mm-dd
  • eventName
    • If you do not have any event assigned, an empty field will be sent.
  • club
  • document:
    • ID/ personal document

You can see an example of the registrant’s import file by clicking on the following link.



How to send information for an athlete to select a distance in the application?

You should send the column: “event” empty. So the application will let the athlete select the event he wants to participate in.


How to extract special rankings?

Using attributes, which are an extra value that each athlete has, e.g. for a ranking of local athletes, each athlete should have the attribute “local” = “YES”.


Attributes are made up of:

  • Name of the column: Via API you will send: attr_ + {{ Name of the attribute in Copérnico}}.
  • Value it ranks: The value that the athlete is ranked in our example is “YES”.

It may happen that the attribute of the athlete cannot be resolved with a boolean (“yes” or “no”) to extract a classification, but that there may be several values, for example, a classification by professions, where the professions are Policemen and Firemen. In this case, the athlete must have a column called “attr_professions” and in the cell, it will have the values: “Policemen” or “Firemen”.


What data is necessary for Deporticket to integrate with Copérnico?
For the data to arrive correctly, you have to enter the following information on the platform:

  • Race id.
  • Event id of each event.


How to get the race id of a race?

When you access a race in Sportmaniacs, the browser loads a link like the following: The part highlighted in red is the race id.


How to get the event id of a race?

When you access an event by clicking on “View event” within the Sportmaniacs race, the browser loads a link like the following: The part highlighted in green is the event id.

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