Importing athlete times

An athlete’s times can be uploaded to Copérnico from a CSV file. For the preparation of the CSV file you should know that

  • The CSV file must be comma-delimited.
  • This file must contain three columns: eventbib number and time. The values in the “time” column must be in seconds and can be in milliseconds.



To upload a CSV file:

  1. Click on “Participants” in the left side menu.
  2. Click on the “Import athlete times” icon in the quick action menu.


  3. Drag the file or browse for it on your device by clicking on the importer.
  4. You can change the parameters of the import file, but if the CSV file is comma-delimited, you don’t need to change anything here. Click on the “Upload” button.


  5. Validate the fields to be imported. Change the “field type” of the “time” field to “time” type. and select the split for which you are performing the time upload.


  6. Click on “Save”: if everything is validated correctly, a “Successful operation” message will appear. If it does not appear, it is because an event name in your CSV file is not correct. Associate that event to the correct event and save again.



  7. Finally a last message will appear informing you that data will be overwritten, if you are sure that the data is correct click on “Yes”.


To check if the data has been updated correctly, go to “Participants” and check that the athletes you have entered times for, have the correct times and have the blue icon that will mark that it is a manual time, in the split you have uploaded times to.


💡 Remember that you can undo these actions from the incidents section.
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