View an athlete’s raw data

Raws are all the readings sent by a chip to each timing point during the race. In Copérnico all are recorded but only the most accurate reading is shown as the time of the participant for the timing point.

You can consult statistical data about the race readings in “Raws” in the main menu.

The main selector allows you to limit the query by hours of readings, from the first reading to the last and marks each wave of the race.

The grid shows detailed statistics for each timing device: total readings, disabled readings, known readings, unknown readings, unassigned chips, and minimum, average and maximum difference between raw creation and raw process.

  • Total readings: total readings collected by the device.
  • Disabled readings: readings that the timer has disabled.
  • Known readings: readings of sequenced chips.
  • Unknown readings: readings of non-sequenced chips.
  • Unassigned chips: chips not assigned to any athlete.
  • ∆Min is the lowest PROCESS_TIME for a given pair of DEVICE + TIMING POINT (Slowest raw process time).
  • ∆Average is the average PROCESS_TIME for a given pair of DEVICE + TIMING POINT (Average raw process time).
  • ∆Max is the highest PROCESS_TIME for a given pair of DEVICE + TIMING POINT (Fastest raw process time).

💡Raw creation: the moment (timestamp) at which the reading/raw was created on the device.

💡Raw process: the moment (timestamp) at which the reading/raw was processed by the software (online).

💡The difference formula ∆ is PROCESS_TIME = RAW_PROCESS – RAW_CREATION.



By selecting one or several ranges of readings or raws and clicking on “Operations on readings” in the right-hand side menu you can:

  • Apply a time offset: adds or subtracts time from a selected range. It is used to fix the desynchronisation of a timing device. Note that readings will continue to arrive out of sync until the device is synchronised.
  • Change the activation state: activate or deactivate the raws of the selected range. Deactivated readings will still be in Copérnico but will not be used to calculate times.
  • Change the location of the selected range: changes the device readings. It is used to change the physical location of a device, e.g. the device that should be in the 5K is in the 15K. This action changes the location of the readings already recorded.

You can delete the readings for the selected range by clicking the “Remove” button. This action does overwrite the readings and delete them from Copérnico, if you delete a range you will not be able to recover it unless you rewind the device.


For each participant you can see all the readings generated at each of the timing points; check which reading has been assigned to each split; and modify it if necessary.

  • Raw times: shows all the athlete’s readings during the race, detailing their location and split. Those which appear highlighted with colour are those which have been assigned to a split.
  • Split times: shows the raws assigned to each split of the race.

    Athlete raws
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