Calibrating a screen on timingsense devices (TSOne or TS2)

The timingsense device screens can become out of calibration over time. If when you touch one area of the screen it looks like you are pressing another, it is because it is not calibrated properly. It is very easy to detect this using the keyboard: press one letter and another appears.

To calibrate the screen you need a keyboard connected to the computer and if you connect a mouse, you can be more accurate:

  1. Clean the screen thoroughly.
  2. Shut down the timingsense software with the command %tskill% or follow these steps:
    1. Press ctrl+alt+del
    2. Open the task manager
    3. Search for “tsfirmware” and quit the program
  3. Press on start.
  4. Find and launch the program egalaxtouch => configure utility.
  5. Go to the “tools” tab.
  6. Press “4-point calibration”.
  7. Follow the steps to perform the calibration and once finished, close the calibration program.
  8. Go to home again –> home folder.
  9. Run TSFirmware.
  10. Check the screen operation.

If when calibrating, the on-screen presses are not precise, please contact us.

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