Device panel options

The device connected locally or remotely will appear in TSConnector showing the following information.

  1. Connection
  2. Device identifier
  3. IP of the device
  4. Pause readings
  5. Recovery of stored readings (rewind)
  6. Timezone synchronization
  7. Time of last reading
  8. Total number of readings
  9. Unique tags read
  10. Connection status to antennas
  11. Temperature display for CPU, reader and battery
  12. Battery life with color indicator (green, orange, red)
  13. Hide/delete device in TSConnector

Elements of box panel

馃挕The timing systems will appear automatically in TSConnector and will be assigned to the corresponding control point when a cloud connection is set up. Note that the device must be correctly configured beforehand. If not, you can also set up a local connection directly from TSConnector, provided that the timing device and the computer are connected to the same network.
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