Importing an archived race in Copernico

You can import the entire configuration of an archived race in Copernico.

To import the configuration of an archived race you must first create the race in Copernico.

We explain how to create a race from zero in Copérnico in this article. 


Once the race is created, the import is simple:

  1. From the race section, click on “import race from Copernico”, in the right side menu.

Recuperar configuración 1.jpg


  1. Once clicked, use the search engine to select the race to be imported by name.


Recuperar configuración 2.jpg

  1. Select the race.
  2. This action will import all the configuration of the race.
  3. Once the configuration is imported it will allow:
    • Review.
    • Modify.
    • Save.


Issues to note:

Importing the configuration will delete the existing configuration.

The entire race configuration will be imported:

  • Events: Beware that they will be imported with the previous date.
  • Timing points and physical location, with their minimum and maximum times and distances.
  • Splits:
  • Waves: be careful, they will be imported with the old date.
  • Categories: be careful, they will be imported with the old date configuration.
  • Attributes
  • Teams
  • Trophies.

They will not be imported:

  • Live data.
  • Commentator 2.0.
  • Kiosk.
  • Organizer Info.

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