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The data import will be done like any event that is timed in copernico.

For example, you will have a file with the data grouped as follows:

Multievent- Importación de datos EN.png

The main difference when importing the participants, is that when importing them in a general type of event, these participants will automatically propagate to the events that have been added for the calculation.

For example, if the calculation of rankings in the general event has 5 events, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4 and stage 5, plus the "general" event, the participant with the bib number 101, will have been imported to the 6 events, the 5 stages and the general event.

From the participants screen you can see how many events each participant is in, in the events column.

Multievent- Importación de datos 2 EN.png

If the race has several general events, you will have to import each participant into the general event in which he/she participates.

Also, although it is not usual, there may be participants who only participate in a specific event (stage), for example, stage 1. These will have to be imported into the event in question. Keep in mind that they will participate and enter the rankings for that particular stage but they will not count for the general classification.


As an example, you can have an import file similar to this one:

Multievent- Importación de datos 3 EN.png


In which:

- Bib 101 and 102, will participate in the general event and all the events that make up the event.

- Bib 103 and 104, will participate in the general event 3 days and all the events (2) that make up that event.

- Bib 105 and 106, will participate in stage 1 only.

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