Filtering tags in Sportmaniacs

All timingsense tags are numbered. This numbering is composed of a company code, a race code and an unique athlete identifier code, which often matches with the bib.


When you order tags for a race they will have a particular numbering: an enterprise number (always the same) and a number for that particular race. If you have ordered the tags online in Sportmaniacs in the settings for that race a filter will be created automatically which you only need to activate if you want to use it. We tell you how order your disposable tags in Sportmaniacs.


From the set up race page in Sportmaniacs you can activate this sequence to create a filter or add other filters, for example, extra tags from other races.


When you connect your timing devices remotely and load the race configuration from Sportmaniacs these filters will be not loaded into the device for the selected race. You must intentionally activate them.


❗❗ When you connect your device remotely and load the race set up, the filters that you have created in Sportmaniacs will be applied. You will only be able to edit them during this configuration in Sportmaniacs. Filters that you have created in local mode will disappear while a race configuration is active. When the race configuration expires, the local filters will reappear again. 
💡 You can activate and create filters directly from the devices. We tell you all about it on this article.

You can set up chip filtering in Sportmaniacs from the race page.

  1. Click “Filters” on the left side menu. You will see that there are no one active filters by default, to activate filters you must tick the checkbox.
  2. Click on “Add Filter”.

  3. Select the name of your company and the race you are setting up, for which you have ordered the sequenced tags. You can add codes from other races if you have extra tags.
  4. Click on “Save”.

All filters can be turned on and off, but remember to click the “Save” button after making any changes.

Readings that do not match the active filters will not be sent to TSCloud but will remain stored on the box. You can retrieve them by applying the correct filters and rewinding the device from TSConnector; or by downloading the session to a USB from the “Previous Sessions” section.
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